Same feeling

Coca-Cola #SameFeeling


While Europe was opening to same sex marriage, in 2018 Romania held a referendum to change the constitution to legally ban it! From “the union of two persons” into “the union of a man and a woman”.

Brands were acting like nothing was happening. But Coca-Cola wanted to break the silence, set an example and stay true to its values: inclusiveness, equality and togetherness.

One week before the Romanian referendum, we launched one post promoting universal love, regardless of sexual orientation, using Coca-Cola bottles alongside the copy “we see no difference” and the hashtag #same feeling. The post was instantly shared massively triggering a wave of responses from other brands that used same format to promote the same message. They even used the same #samefeeling hashtag. Our post showed everyone it’s only normal to advocate for equal rights.


@ Lia Bira

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