Play it safe


Virgin Radio

According to World Health Organization, 50% of young people expose themselves to unsafe levels of sound from personal audio devices, risking permanent hearing disorders.

Visual warnings already exist on most devices, but people ignore them. Virgin Radio wants to keep its listeners safe, so it came up with a new approach.

The radio station transformed its volume button into the trigger of a totally new audio experience: living with symptoms of the most common hearing disorders caused by excessive volume in the headphones.

Armin van Buuren, INNA, Starley, Markus Schulz and many top artists and radio personalities endorsed our campaign and dared fans to listen to their songs at a safe level, by creating special radio IDs.

Play it Safe got 26% of Virgin Radio’s online listeners to turn down the volume and increased the number of unique visitors to Virgin Radio’s website by 19%, while average listening time went up by 51%.

Play it safe Virgin Radio Posters


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