Go Mono

• Cannes Bronze – Promo &Activations
• LIA Gold, Silver and Bronze – Radio & Audio
• Eurobest 2xBronze – Promo &Activation
• Clio Bronze – Radio
• Golden Drum Grand Prix, Gold and Silver – Radio, Direct &Media



World’s first song that’s different genres in each headphone

The Romania law does not prohibit the use of headphones while biking, so the number of accidents tripled in the last 6 years.

To keep its listeners safe, Radio21 launched Go Mono – a campaign to encourage the use of just one headphone to hear the traffic. The radio station innovated its broadcast to promote this behaviour, creating content that could only be experienced in one headphone.

The Go Mono Anthem, created in collaboration with a top Romanian artist, was the first song in the world that is different genres in each headphone: rock if you listen it in the right headphone and slow if you listen to it in the left one.

Other top artists went MONO and aired exclusive remixes of their heavy rotation songs on Radio 21: original version in the left headphone and the exclusive remix in the right headphone.

The GO MONO campaign reached 3.5 million people, helping keep the streets a little safer.


Go Mono Poster

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