The Coca-Cola Festival Bottle

• 2017 • ??Romania
• 2018 • ??Austria • ??China • ??Czech Republic • ??Hungary • ??Italy • ??Romania
• 2019 • ??USA • ??Australia
• Effie 2xGold and Bronze – Brand Experience, Media & Non-alcoholic beverages
• Golden Drum 2xSilver – Activation & Functional Efficiency


2017 Promo

Coca-Cola is the taste of summer. But 40% of Romanian teens were disconnected from the brand and hadn’t tasted a Coke in the last month.

To reconnect with its audience, Coca-Cola launched the Festival Bottle: a packaging innovation that transformed the labels of 21 million bottles into access wristbands to the coolest festivals and hottest experiences, like backstage passes and artists meet and greet.

How it works?

  1. Detach the wristband from the label
  2. Scan the code with the special app and see if you won
  3. Put the wristband on and use it to enter the festival

The Coca-Cola Festival Bottle campaign broke all the records and became the most successful promo in Romania.

A lot of countries have shown interest in implementing the project next year. The Coca-Cola Festival Bottle has the potential to become a global phenomenon.


@ Lia Bira


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